creating sidebars and calling them in page template

Hello !

Me and my crazy questions :wink:

Here is the point.

I’d like to create 3 sidebars, and calling them in differentes page template of a theme to personnalize some pages.

Please correct me as I m not really aware with the register_sidebars code.

Procedure :

1 – create the 3 sidebars using

register_sidebars(3, array('name'=>'Sidebar%d' 'before_title'=>'<h1>','after_title'=>'</h1>'));

Will it just create 3 files sidebars1.php up to 3.php ?

2 – Create new page template, calling sidebarsX.php

Is it as simple as this ? How is it that some themes have or create widgets areas ?

Partially solved by (conditional widget appareance) but stil ‘d like to understand :wink: