Creating user profiles/future request


So I've gotten to know your stuff just as much to know that what I'm trying to accomplish is a bit out of my league. But just to be sure I want to ask, how hard would it be to create a user profile/shop keeper profile page to marketpress? I would still like to use the Front End plugin with the store so if I understand correctly I would have to modify that plugin as well?

Another thing I would like is a contact seller page.

If you think that there might be another way to do these things I'm open for suggestions. Some hints I've all ready gotten but now I mostly feel that I don't know where to start.

So I'm too trying to create a Etsy like market place. I would really like that users could create customizable profile pages the same manner they add products etc. from the front end.

So if I would try to do this another way, with stuff that is already coded, what plugins and themes would you suggest and what modifications?

Nope, I can't narrow my question down :slight_smile: Not just yet.

Thank you!