Creating Users for Added Domains at Blog Sign Up

I am using GoDaddy with a dedicated IP. My site structure is subdomains (

REMTW is the root domain on the Hosting, Wildcard (*) set in DNS, MU installed.

REMM is another domain on the same hosting as REMTW (both domains have the same IP). It has MU and BP installed along with multi-domain. I have 'single sign-on' enabled and REMM is set to 'private'.

REMTW is set as an 'Added Domain' to the multi-domain plugin (installed on REMM). REMTW is set to 'public'.

Here is where I'm having trouble (or the plugin just doesn't do this). From the BP dashboard on REMM I click to create blog. Fill in the dialogue boxes and say that I want a blog created on REMTW ( It creates the new blog in the BP dashboard in REMM, but does not create a new User or Blog in REMTW.

So the big question - Is it supposed to create a new User and Blog in the REMTW site or do I have to create the User prior to creating the Blog? AND the really big question - Can it be set up the way I want it to work?

  • DavidM
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    Hi danhavey and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    From what I understand (please feel free to correct me) you'd like for Multi-Domains to create an actual blog on REMTW in the physical root folder?

    If so, Multi-Domains wouldn't do anything with your physical REMTW domain folder, I'm afraid.

    It has all the appearances that that's what's occurring though. And as far as the users, they're essentially shared in the Multisite database. They'd still be able to have distinct roles on each site of course, but they're shared based on user ids in the database.

    Of course, if I've misunderstood your inquiry, please feel free to let me know and I'll take a look. :slight_smile:


  • danhavey
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    When I watched the video and read the instructions, I thought that this plugin would allow me to click on 'Create Blog' from my BP page and it would create a new blog and user account on any MU Blog I had listed in the Multi-Domain Plugin. This does not appear to be correct.

    It does, however, send me to a page to create a new user and blog on the BP site and then when I click on the hyperlink for the newly created site it sends me to the MU Blog (where I'm trying to create a new blog) and has me enter all my info all over again. So I have to create a new account in the BP site and also in the MU Blog.

    Even when I have done that and created identical accounts, with the same username, email address and password, it still doesn't allow for single sign-on login. Also once I log into the dashboard for the newly created blog, the WP bar at the top of the screen changes to the new blog and I am not able to easily get back to the BP site.

    This of course could be an issue with using GoDaddy. I doubt its a plugin conflict as I have no other plugins loaded.

    If your developers are looking for a project, make this plugin so that from the BP home page you can click 'Create Blog', enter the blog name, password and username once and have it set up an account in the BP site, but also create a new username and blog in the MU Blog. This would involve entering the MU Blog Admin username and password into Multi-Domain when setting up a new blog and using the WP API to pass that info into the blog and setting up the account. I have seen similar things done often with other add-ons, in particular the Firefox add-on, ScribeFire.

    Then once in the MU blog, have a link back to your BP home page so the user can easily find his way back home. Thanks for all of your help.

  • DavidM
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    Hi danhavey,

    I'm still a bit confused regarding your described scenario because of the two terms 'BP site' and 'MU blog'. By 'BP site' do you mean the main blog/site?

    Going further, and hoping I'm understanding this aspect of what you're saying, I'm thinking you may simply be looking for something like the Multisite User Management plugin?

    And that would allow you to set a default user role on the main site whenever a user signs up and creates a sub-site.

    Would that resolve this matter for you?

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    can I add a request I have to this? it seems to be the same the other person was trying to describe. happy to open a new thread but this seems to be what danhavey was asking too...

    main domain:
    add-on domain used with multi domain plugin:

    can the plugin be extended with an option so that when I type in is tests for the existence of this blog and if it does not exist, try all add-on domains too before saying: blog not found or redirecting to the signup page?

    I would love to have UNIQUE blog/user names so that once a username is taken it is taken for all add-on domains and works for all of them too.

  • DavidM
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    @Ovidiu,I see what you're saying and thanks for chiming in. I'll ask the developers to take a look into the possibility.

    @danhavey, again, sorry for any misunderstanding, but would that be what you were describing? If so, we'll take a look into it. If that's not the case, just let me know and I'll take a further look with you on it.


  • Mason
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    @Ovidiu, just chiming in to say I think that's a rather cool idea.

    Anyone wanna create a proper request in the features forum?

    @danhavey, if you want to discuss this further here. Please re-open this. As we haven't heard from you for a bit we're going to mark this one resolved.


  • DavidM
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    Hi danhavey,

    As I mentioned in that newer thread, I think User Synchronization alone may take care of your request.

    In your case, I imagine you could you could simply disable registration on the BuddyPress site and rely totally on the membership site to take care of the registrations.

    User Synchronization will automatically send the new user accounts over to the BuddyPress site once configured.

    How would that work for ya?

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