creating webcomic. need information on image maps, hyperlinking, plugins, themes, etc.

Hey all.

I am creating a webcomic which will incorporate all forms of media (audio, video, animated .GIFS, hyperlinking w/image maps (or the modern equivalent).

I'm doing research. What themes may be appropriate, what plugins appropriate (to create image maps on illustrated images, for example), how to weave everything together.

This is, I feel the beginning of a thread. So far i've created this:

Which uses a plugin called imagemapster (

Yet my intention is to create a multitude of *individually standing pages* which have links to other pages, all of which are graphic novel pages. An interlinked comic book story; essentially.

This will all happen within my multisite, and will have membership and all that jazz. * Those * aspects (mutlisite, membership) I KNOW are within the province of wpmudev.

However, the other, illustrative aspects, such as the theme used for the comic pages itself and the appropriate plugins, i'm still learning.

So, checking in with Your knowledge base, to See if anything pops up.