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I require advice on what plugin would suit best for my problem.

I have a website developed on WordPress classic and need to convert it to a network multisite. So I will need multiple onepage microsites that can be deployed from the main website admin on subdomains. So there would be, etc. What would be the best plugin to use from your repository?

Please advise as soon as you can.

Thank you.

Valentin Acatrinei

Bamsboard ltd.

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    Multi-site pretty much handles that all by itself. The question, in this case, is whether or not your host handles wildcard DNS entries.

    Let’s back up a second though.

    You don’t want to use subdomains for landing pages. Ever. It’s a terrible move for SEO purposes.

    Are you familiar with linkjuice? If not, check out this link.

    You see, a subdomain doesn’t get any linkjuice from the parent domain beyond the incoming links. It’s just how Google is built. When you are building landing pages, you typically want to bequeath those pages a bit of importance from the parent domain. You’ll want to use sub-directories.

    It will tell you that you can’t when you set up the network and that’s fine. Just edit “use_subdomains” to “true” in wp-config.php after you finish setting up the network but before you install any new sites.

    The rest of what you are asking is purely academic. You follow the tutorials (readily available on the web) then create your sites right out of the network admin on your main superuser account. No plugins are required.

  • aristath
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    Hello Valentin, I hope you’re well today!

    WordPress can handle Multi-Site (Network) installation without the need for any external plugins.

    Whether you should use subdomains or subfolders is completely up to you. They both have their pros and cons. You can learn more by watching this video from the Google Webmaster Help official youtube channel.

    If all you want to to is to separate your pages into subdomains, then you don’t need any plugins. If however you want to do something more complex than that, then maybe you could post here your exact use-case and we’ll do our best to help you out!



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    Thanks for your help.

    Ok, so I installed MU and works fine until now.

    I have just one problem:

    I created a new subdomain website, but when trying to access it I see the holding page from cgi-bin of cPanel instead of the website. I think the wildcard is working, because if it wouldn’t worked I shouldn’t be able to see the cPanel holding page.

    I did received an worrning while installing MU that it couldn’t see the DNS wildcard.

    What could it be the problem? Any ideas?

    Your help is much appreciated. Thank you agian.

  • aristath
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    Hello again!

    You’ll also have add the DNS entries to your cPanel…

    Go to cPanel => SubDomains

    and add a new subdomain. Instead of a name, enter a wildcard and point it to the directory where your WordPress is installed.

    (note though that not all hosts allow this, let’s hope yours does. :slight_smile: )



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    Ok, that worked great. Thank you.

    I now have the new microsite working.

    I have 2 other problems:

    1. Is there any way have the same sidebar on all microsites? I see there is the default sidebar after installation.

    2. I use Advanced Custom Fields to populate the microsites with data. I Network Activated the plugin, but I cannot see the settings in it. In this state I would have to recreate the custom fields for each microsite. Is there any way to have all the subdomain websites use the same Advanced Custom Fields settings? All the subdomains look the same, except data in the custom fields.

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