Credit Card Processing

I would like to have users enter credit cards directly onto my site for recurring payments.

There have been several discussions that have referred to this on the forums, but they seem to pick up the conversation half way through the decision process, and some of these questions aren't directly wpmu related, but I think that you all will be able to steer me in the direction

1. PayPal's Website Payments Standard can process on the site if you are only doing a one time charge right? However, there is currently no option for this on the membership plugin right? (Although, I am not really sure this matters- I wouldn't be able to figure out a membership model with single payments anyway.)

2. Since I believe that the answers above are yes and no respectively, it seems like Website Payment Pro is the PayPal solution. If I hired a developer or wpmudev added a paypal pro option, what would I have to do on my end? Is the subscription form a "cart" that just needs some tweaking to work with paypal pro? Would I need to get an SSL certificate, PCI compliance (or is that my host), etc? ( I know that a lot of this is directly paypal related, but since I want to interact with my theme (blogsMU) and I think that you all seems relevant enough.

I "+1'ed" an solution earlier, and since I don't see it I will also +1 a paypal pro solution assuming that it needs its own solution. As long as the conclusion is that WPP would work as my solution.