In starting to set up the classifieds, I discovered this nifty thing called credits. Which gets me thinking about how credits might help me solve a problem. I am allowing people to post news articles. We tried the adsharing plugin, but we are running into problems with googleadsense not allowing people to set up their own accounts, to be associated with my site, possibly because I have an adsense acct and they only allow one. IDK. I plan on switching over to something like isocket, which would make the adsharing thing not work anyway.

So I am wondering if perhaps I could use the credits system to compensate writers. They would earn credits for posting an article (after the Editor role publishes it), they would earn credits for page views and comments. And they could earn credits from other users who like their article (or even users could credit each other in comments by liking a comment). Then, once a month (manually or semi-automatically), once they achieve say 1,000 credits (depending on the paramenters I set with what a page view is worth, etc), I can pay them via paypal and reset their credits to zero. And of course, they could spend their credits in other ways on the site of course if they want. Such a system would solve a huge problem I am having with ad revenue sharing.

I am not sure if such function is possible with current plugins, so I am going to post this in suggestions/feedback.