critical error after CP plugin update and addons activation

I just have updated plugin. After update I activated new add-ons. After that I cant see admins settings in whole WP dashboard! (wp-admin/admin.php?) I cant even deactivate, so I had to manually delete PC folder with filemanager. After I go to plugins directory in WP dashboard - so it say that PC plugin needs to be reinstalled, I reinstall it, but when its activated - whole admin dashboard in WP becomes "protected" even for admin. I tried to clear plugin tables in SQL, no effect.
So, problem is - after activatings new addons - admins WP dashboard becomes unreacheble (invisible, "protected") even for admin.
Question - how to reset PC plugin settings to default? Reinstallation and database tables cleaning dont help. Maybe you can say which php file needs to be edited to turn off all addons?