Critical Error with Coursepress Pro

I just deleted a course I did not need and all the assessments waiting to be marked for all other courses have disappeared!!!! This happened 2 weeks ago and I had to install a backup on a new domain. Now I am having to reinstall backup from 12.15am so all the work done today is gone! Also when i try to delete a file download in a unit and press save the original file download returns! Sort this out, I am sick of this, this plugin is costing me time, money and reputation.

  • Vaughan

    Hi joanne,

    Hope you're well?

    I can't replicate either of these issues on my own site.

    I tried deleting a course, and all assignments for other courses were still present, it would only delete assignments belonging to that course only.

    Regarding the delting download file,I can't replicate this either.

    Can you take a screenshot of this, or create a screencast, so that I can see the steps you take to reproduce it?

    Could you tell me the course, unit & download file that you are trying to delete, so I can take a look?


  • Joanne

    No I'm not well! I do t really care if you can duplicate it or not, it happened! I can't take a screenshot because I had to reinstall a snapshot backup immediately as I have students logged I. Working this afternoon. Don't tell me what this plugin does or should do, it does what I reported! This has been going on for months, actually over a year, one thing after another. This particular issue has hope ed twice in two weeks now. Get Milan who looked at this last time or better still get hold of Jose who has fixed all my errors, bugs and problems, they have my ftp details and get one of them to check the plugin code and the database. I will not be fobbed off with first line support suggesting there is nothing wrong when clearly there is!

  • Joanne

    So its taken you 21 days to get back to me only to repeat that you can replicate the issue! In the meantime I have purchased a new domain on a new server and I have installed a fresh clean current version of this plugin and I am starting from scratch. Rest assured this is the very last time I am giving this plugin and wpmudev a chance. This is going to take me ages to complete the move over and I am very unhappy about the lack of concern, customer care I have received of late. This plugin has never worked properly since it was originally released!

  • Vaughan


    My apologies, I did ask Milan to take a look at this on the 29th, Jose is away on vacation for a while. I have only just realised that Milan hadn't responded, which is why I then followed up & with the latest release of CP that was released on the 13th, I was asking to see if this problem had returned for you. If you still have this issue, I can get Milan to take a look at it.
    But as I say, if no ther staff can replicate the issue, it is difficult for us to diagnose & debug, if there was a serious bug, then this would be happening to a lot more people, unfortunately this is the only report of this issue.


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