Cron Jobs Taking Up Memory

WP Engine is telling me my installs are running numerous cron jobs tied to the WPMU domain mapping plugin, Any ideas why?

Same for and --

THEIR EMAIL when doing an optimization report trying to see what was sapping up server resources:


The crons are also towards the top of the list with statter911 but one notable difference is the occurrence of nearly 5,000 requests for some action=load&blogid= action:

4750 /?dm=c37be0c3061e73f19cb5c160b2f0673c&action=load&blogid=4&siteid=1&t=1000643714&
2809 /wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1478564246.0073950290679931640625
2330 /wp-admin/
2003 /xmlrpc.php

I ran a search through the install's file system on your behalf for any reference to that item to try and gain some more insight for you. I found the ?dm= portion within the Domain Mapping plugin:

682: wp_redirect( $protocol . $current_site->domain . $current_site->path . "?dm={$hash}&action=logout&blogid={$current_blog->blog_id}&k={$key}&t=" . mt_rand() );
777: echo "<script src='{$protocol}{$current_site->domain}{$current_site->path}?dm={$hash}&action=load&blogid={$current_blog->blog_id}&siteid={$current_blog->site_id}&t=" . mt_rand() . "&back=" . urlencode( $protocol . $current_blog->domain . $_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI' ] ) . "' type='text/javascript'></script>";

Additionally, I found a single reference to c37be0c3061e73f19cb5c160b2f0673c within the database; specifically in the "dm_hash" meta_key section of the wp_sitemeta table. There wasn't a particular pattern with those requests (UA, IP address, etc.) but I did want to point it out in case you or your developer had a little more familiarity with it. Considering it accounts for the bulk of the server requests on statter911 it may certainly be something worth looking into.