Cross Browser Issues Within Buddypres Social Theme

I just installed the Social theme today after my site got screwed up over a faulty plugin…. Everything within my site works smoothly within the new theme (buddypress social) for the most part.. however i noticed that the color schemes were not properly displaying within the internet explorer 9 browser as they were showing flawlessly inside of the google chrome browser….a minor problem, so i decided to check it out on my mobile phone(s) first up, i checked it on the Motorola Droid Razr… the site colors showed up perfectly however the navigaion menus were non existant <not the main navigation links home, members, etc, but the ones that navigate the personal links to profile, activity, friends, followers, etc> those didnt show up at all… so i went over to my blackberry… it seems that on my mobiles, all of the links in the header area are nonexistent .. how do i fix this? any help would be appreciated…

  • PC
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    I am glad that WMP, did atleast something for the time being.

    however, it doesnt solve my cross browser compatibility problems with this particular theme <buddypress social> any suggestions?

    I am gonna have to install it on my test site, and then check it for you. Should revert soon.



  • bunkybuddy
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    Well, I tested using chrome vs IE9 and the problem doesnt occur until you actually change the theme’s colors in the appearance panel from the wordpress dashboard…. here is the difference… as you can see in the images i have uploaded, IE retains the original color scheme as if i have not adapted any modifcations, and chrome beautifully displays the theme along with the color modifications i have applied from the wordpress dashboard… any clue why this happens?

    The Screenshot with the dark blue highlights (#1) is chrome <firefox also displays in this manner with no flaws> the screen with the default coloring schemes (#2) is IE9.. as you can see it behaves as if i have not made any changes what so ever :slight_frown: plz advise

  • Kimberly
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    So the first pic I am attaching is two side by side images in Firefox.

    Different colors, but one is for Homepage (original color) the other is a page i.e

    I notice the EXACT same thing in IE. ONe page pics up gradiation color change the other doesn't.

    The second pic is a side by side of IE and Firefox, of the homepage that did not initally pick up the color change.

    It seems the color change for the homepage background is in a different location than the remainder of the site.

    The third pic I am attaching is the place in the menu where you make that change :slight_smile: If you already did change it there, then I'd ask that you just set it again and click save. It seems it either didn't take the first time or it saved my selections and did not reset when I forgot to save them.

    Let me know if this gets you anywhere :slight_smile:

  • bunkybuddy
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    I reset the intro settings, and tried again… nothing at all…. again, it shows perfectly in firefox and google chrome… it refuses to take my customized colors in IE9 for some reason. is there soemthing wrong with internet explorer as to why it wont take the color changes? i dont understand it ;( its kindve an issue for me due to the fact that most people seem to be using internet explorer when desktops are concerned. I have noticed as well that the color change for the main page and for the intro pages are in different locations.. i have modified this in both areas with no effect….

  • aecnu
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    Greeting bunkybuddy,

    We have not heard back from you as to the status of this issue.

    If you are still having an issue please let us know so that we may try to get you fixed up as soon as possible by choosing to check mark this ticket as unresolved below and posting any new errors or symptoms you are noticing.

    This action will also bring your ticket up front back in plain view again within the ticket system.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Cheers, Joe

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