Cross Posting- 'Add Feed' & 'Search'

I use a sitewide tags generated blog to aggregate and redistribute all blog posts (many coming through rss via feedwordpress)I would like to have a widget with a form that sends a search to the global blog. The return can direct them to the global blog but the form should be on any other blog on the install (search sitewide) -

I have a few other forms like this - the BIG one is the UBC (Andre Malan) 'Add Feed' widget (that adds a feed to feedwordpress) I would love to have this on all my blogs - but submitting to my global/sitewide tags blog.

I there an simple way to hack this??

  • drmike

    Re: search: I was going to say dupe the search widget code but since it's just the function call get_search_form(), I guess that won't work.

    The following is not tested:

    function sitewide_wp_widget_search($args) {
        switch_to_blog("the sitewide blog id here");
        echo $before_widget;
        // Use current theme search form if it exists
        echo $after_widget;
    register_sidebar_widget(’Sitewide Search Widget’, ‘sitewide_wp_widget_search’);

    Again, very rushed and not tested. Your mileage may very. Someone care to double check this or even come up with a better way of doing this?