CSS a little out of place on Update

Hello Community,
I have updated our WP core and all plugins. With the 4.4 update, it seems to have shifted a few items on our site, but not sure which CSS the elements are calling on.


For exmaple. The header (slider) should be bottom flushed to the Navigation pane and extend 100% of the screen width.

2. On the /blog pages (http://cityofhanahan.com/2015-hydrant-testing/ ) the left column which says "Testimonials" and "Latest News" is being hidden, as if the page is slid up. That should not be hidden. The wording and layout of that theme widget is also a little funky since the update.

3. http://cityofhanahan.com/government/human-resources/ - the main navigation drop downs are being hidden by the navigation panel of that specific department.

Any help would be great.