CSS / Cache problem with a plug in no idea which one

Can you please review the below email in red from my developer and advise - Monkey tree at the bottom have stated that it is not to do with them so it must be a plug in.

1. WPMUDEV what is the issue with the CSS and cache as they say it is a plug in or server setting?

They have been having a nightmare making changes to the site though as it's taking 24hrs to check each change due to the site cache - here's what he said…

The cache problem is that there is some plugin or some server setting due to which the CSS files are served from a cache. So when we make an edit on CSS, it takes more than 24 hours for the changes to reflect as there is some server side cache mechanism in action.

This makes it really difficult to work on this website as the developers need to tweak the CSS pixel by pixel to get the perfect alignments which means if he changes something from 10px to 12px, he needs to wait 24 hours to see the changes on the website and if 12px was not right and he wants to reduce that to 11px, that means another 24 hours wait. So practically it is really hard to work on any update that you send as it takes more than 24 hours to see if the change was done correctly or not.

This is something no designer can work with - waiting 24 hours or more to check a small css tweak and if that was not right - another 24 hours.

If you could contact WPMU Dev about whether a plugin or the server is causing the cache problems.

Hi Sean,

There is no server side caching enabled on the server you are on.
Please let us know if we can help any further.

Kind Regards


Steve C
Technical Director