CSS clash in Front End Visual Editor


I’m having a clash with the visual editor (front end) and I believe Tiny MCE and Events+ may be fighting a bit.

The Text is the same color as my background and it’s not visable in my theme. I tried to add different forms of css to my theme’s css settings, but nothing has worked. I used Firebug and found this.

body {

color: #333333;

font-family: Georgia,”Times New Roman”,”Bitstream Charter”,Times,serif;

font-size: 13px;

line-height: 19px;


It says, “inherited from body#tinymce.mceContentBody”

When I change the color in firebug (#FFFFFF), it turns white, but when I input the following code, it doesn’t actually work…

body {

color: #FFFFFF;

I also manually edited the content.css file it was referring too and uploaded it via FTP, but that didn’t work either. I’m stumped. Do you know how to fix this or would you like my login creds to see the problem?