CSS correction in Status Plugin

Hi, when I upgraded my Genesis News Pro theme, the Status Plugin widget display got a little wonky. The avatar to the left of the title is offset too high.. Using Chrome inspect, I found that when I messed with the css below – particulary the content element – the problem cleared up. However, I could not repeat the solution in the real css (I use the Simple Custom CSS plugin). Also, in Chrome Inspect, it was behaving weirdly by this whole section disappearing entirely when I did any modification. Anyway, this is a long way of getting around to saying: How do I remedy this display issue? Attached are screenshots of the issue and how it should be. I have granted support access via my WPMU Dev Dashboard. Thanks in advance

.after-entry li::before, .news-pro-home .content li::before, .sidebar li::before {

content: “203a”;

font-size: 12px;

margin: 0 10px;