CSS fix for the Directory plugin?

1. How to determine the spaces between the different grids.

2. Is it possible to determine the order of the grids.

3. Is it possible to change the disposition of the grid (or at least center them). I actually have 4 grid on the first line and 2 grid on the second line. I would like to have 3 grid on the first line and 3 grid on the second line.

  • Mike
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    Hi @nocaoper

    I'm afraid I missed your restore and can't access now!

    Can you email admin login details to me?

    To send the login details you can send them through our contact form
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  • nocaoper
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    I'll prepare the details and send them as soon as possible.Finally after discussion only the question number three is important. In other words, we can forget about spacing between the grips.

    Thank you so much for your time and care, I'm aware that my client is demanding the impossible.
    Yu-Chiang Hsu

  • Mike
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    Hi @nocaoper

    I've had a look, it's just a simple bit of CSS styling that's needed to change the defaults for this.

    Try adding this to your theme's stylesheet:

    .dr_list_grid li {
        margin: 0 3% 3% 0 !important;
        min-height: 14em !important;
        width: 28% !important;

    Changing the 'min-height' means that the shorter boxes are the same height and don't mess up the styling.

    The " !important" shouldn't be needed, but I've added it incase so that it definitely works.

    Change the width and margin percentages to whatever you like, but I've attached a screenshot to show what it looks like with the above changes.


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