CSS for CustomPress custom post and fields

I'm struggling a bit with CSS for CustomPress...got two questions:

1. I set up a custom post. It's called Staff Biographies. I want to have individual pages for each person, and then a linked list of all the staff that would refer back to those individual pages.

My theme (Avada) has a place to add custom CSS: Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS

There I have put this css:

.ct-custom-field-block {
font-family: Raleway !important; font-size: 20pt !important;

In the post, the font SIZE is recognized and shows up, but the font FAMILY does not change; it seems to be stuck on Courier.

Any advice?

2. Also, I noticed that when I use [custom-field-block] in the post, the field labels show up. So, for the custom field First Name (in which I entered "Maureen" in the text box), I see this on the actual post:

First Name Maureen

But, if I use the short code for the individual field [ct id="_ct_text_572d25652b14b" property="title | description | value"], then I see just what was entered in the field text box:


Is there checkbox or something I need to set that controls whether or not the field label will show in the actual post?

Many thanks for any advice you can provide!