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In widgets based on Advanced Crowdfunding with only one amount and reward specified, I'd like to pre-check the radio button and hide it, so that the action button is the only step necessary for a visitor to proceed.

1. I've played a bunch with the wdf_reward input radio button (and div.wdf_reward_item), but can't seem to figure out how to make it "checked," nor can I figure out how to hide it. Help, please?


2. I've tried centering span.wdf_level_amount in the widget, but it's not working either. Help with that too, please?


  • dannyo

    Update -- good news!

    When only one reward is specified in a particular fundraiser, and advanced crowdfunding is enabled, the one radio button in the Fundraising Panel widget serves no bearing on actually sponsoring/making the payment specified in the fundraiser itself.

    This was tested using one fundraiser, with Paypal in Sandbox; the plugin attempted $0, regardless of whether or not the radio button was checked. Second, I tested using no payment gateway, and attempted to sponsor (with the radio button hidden with CSS pasted below) knowing that the radio button was hidden but not checked. In the second test, it worked. My assumption is that the $0 is due to no API configured, and I am hopeful it works in a production environment.

    Certainly my solution won't work in cases where more than one reward is specified and the radio button hidden, but that's okay for me.

    .wdf_checkout_form .wdf_reward_choice input[type="radio"] {

    -- Question: if PayPal API isn't configured, is it expected to see a message regarding $0 pledge, regardless of what was attempted via the widget?

    -- My outstanding issue in this topic is my inability to center span.wdf_level_amount in the Fundraiser Panel widget.


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