CSS help on Mobile site / smaller screen resolutions

Hi, Had the mobile site looking perfect then one of the recent changes must have messed up everything, seems to have lost lots of custom changes + new issues came up.
Previous issue was the text was appearing really small now its resolved but need help with these CSS changes (mostly colour and layouts):

Home page - http://take.ms/OWNRD
Product page - http://take.ms/KnmPK
Upload artwork - http://take.ms/VI5el
Uploading file 2 - http://take.ms/ybqB9
result after uploaded - http://take.ms/Ji4Ew
Basket page - http://take.ms/mFLgU
payment page - http://take.ms/33m8E

Support Access is open
Domain: http://tinyurl.com/ounlhnf