CSS issue with Events+ archives and taxonomy pages

Leading off of advice given here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/events-showing-no-events-found#post-704681

I've now set up two template files for Events+. taxonomy-eab_events-category.php to handle category pages and archive-incsub_event.php to handle the archive pages.

The archive template was created first and is working fine, I created the taxonomy template today using the content from the archive template. Aside from the header sections, both files are the same.

There appears to be some siginificant differences in the CSS, however.

Here is my archives page, it is working the way I want: http://dev.prometheusfire.me/newsline-development/events/2014/08/

Here is the taxonomy page, you can see that it is not displaying correct. Particularly the RSVP buttons: http://dev.prometheusfire.me/newsline-development/events/conferences/

One of the plugin's built-in CSS files (front.css) is being loaded on the archive page, but not on the taxonomy page. Why? It needs to be included on the taxonomy page as front.css is part of the default styling.

What is going on here, and how do we fix it?