css issue with new blog templates

Can't override the following style as it has an !important declaration on it...


This is the style displayed after selecting a theme. The problem is that with our designs its not totally obvious which theme has been selected. Could this style be moved into the general settings for the plugin?


  • Patrick
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    Hi there @peter_harris

    I hope you're having a great day!

    You can indeed override any element that has !important declared in the CSS by making your selector more specific, and including the !important in that too.

    So to style that element, declare a parent element as well, like so:
    #blog_template-selection .blog_template-default_item {background:#f00 !important;}

    The above will render the default template with a red border and overlay.

    However, it would make sense to have that color option in the plugin settings too. So I've notified the plugin developer to see if he can perhaps include that as an enhancement in an update.

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