Css issues with registration page

1. I have a captcha plugin installed to prevent spammy registrations. The captcha image doesn't render on mobile phones. How do I fix?
2. I have spam questions for users to answers. Eg how many legs does a cow have. The text answer field does not appear close to the question that is being asked. How do I fix?

Support access is granted. There is a custom css plugin installed.
I am testing on an iphone.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Atlanta

    I hope you're well today!

    I just reviewed your registration page in the Chrome device emulator and see the captcha image just fine in all iPhone options. But, as an emulator is not the real thing, I'll see if I can find a support staff member who has a real iPhone to test with... I have no Maccy stuff at all; I know, I'm a neanderthal. :slight_smile:

    As got the security question answer field, that is simply because that field is too big. I have added the following to your custom CSS area to fix that:

    /*Adjust security question answer field on register form*/
    #buddypress .register-section.wangguard input#wangguardquestansw {width:70%;}

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