CSS: odd spacing at start of a title

I can't figure out why I'm getting an odd "indent" at the beginning of my page titles for a custom section of a site's home page.

Here is the page:

On the left, under Latest News, there is a subset of news items displayed as two boxes (one is greenish, one is gray) and below that, each one has a title. The title is indented a little bit. This becomes very evident when the title is long and wraps to a second or third line.

See screenshot:

I can't figure out what is causing that indent. I wondered about the UL tag styling (perhaps it's treating the title as a list item, and creating an indent where the item marker (disc) is not being displayed) but I can't seem to make any changes to CSS that have the effect I want.

What I do want to see here is the entire title left justified, with no indent at the start of the title, even if the title wraps to multiple lines.

I would really appreciate help figuring out what's causing the indent and killing my clean justification. Thanks in advance!

(P.S. I checked the title itself in the post editor, and there is no whitespace at the start of the title.)