CSS Problems with Fundraising Button Text

Hello, via Firebug, I changed the text color of the "Back This Project" text on the button with the following css:

.wdf-basic .wdf_send_donation, .wdf-basic .wdf_button {
color: red;
font-weight: bold;
margin: 20px;

Now, on the actual post that is created by the plugin, the button shows up with red text such as in this example - http://iowapgafoundation.org/fundraisers/iowa-city-schools/

But, when I use the shortcode to input a fundraiser on a page, I don't get the red font. When I inspect this in firebug, the red is crossed out with a line. Here is the example of this (at bottom of page) - http://iowapgafoundation.org/golf-in-schools/

Thank you!