CSS question in wordpress for a class

I have installed a plugin that shows the latest post from a category and I want to fix the CSS formatting on it with better margins and padding, etc.

For instructions I am referencing this support question from the plugin builder: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/css-override

To over-ride the plugin's CSS he says, "the best way is create a new css rule in your child theme style like below"

.your-sidebar-class .rpwe {
// your rules here !important.

I will post my code below but something just isn't correct. I can fix it in Firebug the way I want it, but there are additional steps to make it grab it and I am not sure where I am messing up.

My CSS is under the Custom CSS plugin. The plugin is called "Recent Posts Widget Extended." It is the text about new years resolutions in the top left content area of http://restministriessunroom.co/ in "Header Custom Widget Top Left" (even tho it is NOT in the header, it was just named incorrectly by the man who put it there for me...)

If you go to the plugin in the Widget, you can see I also unchecked "use default code" to make it try to pick up my code.

Thanks for your help!