CSS question re: three-column modification of TwentyTen theme

My sandbox is at mrconstitution.com.

I’m playing around with WP 3.0 in anticipation of a roll-out occurring any time now. For my purposes, I could not find a Theme I liked and I’m not knowledgeable enough yet to write my own from scratch. So I started trying to modify TwentyTen. I renamed it to BCOTUS 2010 (the theme will eventually be installed at bcotus.com — a project about which I’ve written in the members-only forum).

I’ve got the three columns showing up on the main page. If I’m reading things correctly, I’ve got a series of <div> tags with “content” inside a “container” inside “main.” My sidebar data is inside <div> tags named “primary”, “secondary”, “tertiary”, and “quarternary”. They are inside “main”, but not inside “content” or “container”.

So doesn’t that mean that if I float “primary” and “secondary” to one side and “tertiary” and “quarternary” to the other, they should show up on either side of “container”? Instead, they appear to be showing up BELOW “container”.

I’m going to try sticking them inside “container” next, but I thought the way the box-model thing worked, they should be alongside it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Rick Horowitz



WP 3.0

Modified TwentyTen theme (renamed BCOTUS 2010 for my purposes)

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @rickhorowitz: You are aware that we didn’t develop that theme and it comes with WordPress 3.0 which sort of limits the support we can offer on it? Personally I’ve not explored it at all and you may in this instance find better feedback regarding what you are after in the official forums for WordPress. However, someone else may have a suggestion regarding it.

  • RickHorowitz
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I did post to the official forums, too. But since I had a membership here and I thought it was a CSS question, I thought I’d ask here, too. I’m just trying anywhere I might be able to get some input on it.

    I can see, though, that it might not be purely a CSS question, so if I can’t get the help here, then I just can’t get the help here.



  • RickHorowitz
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Problem resolved. You were right that it’s a CSS/”know the theme” question. I figured it out.

    I’m so exhausted, I can’t remember exactly HOW I figured it out, except for a lot of line-by-line code-reading and also slamming down a chapter of CSS: The Missing Manual on floating columns.

    You can see what I’ve done so far at mrconstitution.com.

    What I’d like to do next is come up with something for the widgetized sidebar that allows me to list authors (e.g., like with wp_list_authors(), I guess) and have the author’s name link to a page with a modified banner and with the author’s personal information, along with all his/her posts.

    I also have to figure out how to integrate Forums into the design.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Rick Horowitz

    BCOTUS.com, MrConstitution.com, and a bunch of others.

    P.S. What you see if you look at MrConstitution.com started out as the new TwentyTen theme for WordPress 3.0.

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