css styling for [renewform] broken after update


I just updated to Membership
and now my css is broken on this page: http://condignharvester.com/subscription/

This page is generated by the [renewform] shortcode.

You will need to be logged in in order to see this page though, please email me so that I can send you login details.

It is meant to display the same as on my "Subscribe" page here: http://condignharvester.com/subscribe/

This page is generated as the "subscribe" page in Membership settings.

Here are links to the screenshots:

Subscribe page: http://condignharvester.com/test/css-subscribe-correct.jpg

My Subscription page ([renewform]): http://condignharvester.com/test/css-mysubscription-incorrect.jpg

Please let me know if you need the login details.