CSS to get non-italic title for Slide In


I have activated Slide In, however I want the title of the slide to be “font-style: normal”. I have tried a number of things in the Custom CSS box, but nothing worked. Please provide me with the CSS code that will make my slide’s title non-italic.


  • Patrick
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    Hi @philipp_falkenhausen

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    You can override the plugin CSS in two ways:

    1. Increase the specificity by pre-pending the parent container class to the selector like this:

    .wdsi-slide-wrap .wdsi-slide-content .wdsi-slide-italic { font-style:normal; }

    2. Add the !important property to the current selector like this:

    .wdsi-slide-content .wdsi-slide-italic { font-style:normal !important; }

    Note that the first option is best practice. Otherwise it can get very tedious very fast trying to keep up with all the !important overrides.

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