csv import correctly inside business directory theme

Below is my issue.

I have a csv file with contacts and in my fields I have company name, address, phone, website, services etc. I bought a theme template that i want to use my contact directory into the site. i just dont understand the database migration and details to allow this database to connect with my theme correctly, i may be using wrong fields etc. I believe this template was meant to have products listed and not contacts alone. I just want to merge this list to become functioning into my theme.

I need this contact database to be sectioned into categories that i already input inside the template. The csv file has a field that has “Category” that will be the sections that it will be separated into. This will be used to search into the database. Here is the sample of the theme i bought below it has the sample pw to try out to see how it will look on both ends. attached is the demo file that i need to be placed into the theme below.

(this is the demo theme that i am using, it has pw for both ends so you will be able to see how it works) http://dp2.wlthemes.com/wp-login.php