CSV import – SKU and Stock not working


I am trying to import 400 or so products to a new site. I gave up using the MarketPress built-in importer and now use the WP Ultimate CSV importer – it is more advanced and asks for each field to be filled in specifically.

I am using the following:

Product Title – post_title [works]

Description – post_content [works]

SKU – mp_sku [not working]

Price – mp_price [works]

Sale Price – mp_sale_price [not used]

Tags – product_tags [working]

Categories – product_category [working]

Stock – mp_inventory [not working]

Weight – mp_shipping [not working]

Image – feature_image [working]

If anyone can see from this why some of the columns in the csv are not importing, and could let me know the solution – it would be really, really appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this topic.