CSV questions re: variations and MarketPress


Am setting up the csv file to add digital products to a new site. I'm concerned since the online documentation mentions using the CSV file etc but never mentions product variations are supported within the csv file. i.e. they are not present in the sample CSV file provided during installation of the plugin.

I need to add several hundred digital products (images) to MarketPress, where each has the same price (£25) but each has an identical variation available to the buyer ... a further £10 for additional licensing options. In summary, for one image the customer can pay £25 OR £35 depending on their licensing requirements.

I had hoped to achieve this through the use of the CSV file and the product variations feature.

Please can you confirm this is possible? If it isn't, then sadly I feel that whilst MarketPress is a great plugin, it may be let down by a poor bulk upload facility. It is not practical to create several hundred products individually. (I have a future project - circa 3 months - where there will be over 72,000 digital downloads and I was hoping to use MarketPress for that too.)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,