Cubepoints on Multisite?

I installed Cubepoints network wide for my whole (Buddypress) Community with Multisite Support, as every of my Members can have an own blog!

I was very happy with it and my members also until I found out, that every Blogowner gets not only points for their Blogs and animated by this way to have a busy Blog, but that they are also able to manage the Points of every person in the Community.

Has any one an idea how it can be possible in cubepoints to honor the members writing Blogentries without giving them the chance to manage the cubepoints for the whole multisite network? I – as Superadmin – only wants to have the right to manage the points on the main site.

Has anyone here already a solution for this problem or ideas?

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    Greetings @gdharre

    Me again :slight_smile:

    I was trying to find the CubePoints plugin that you would have installed to see if it supports multisite, but found two plugins available on that you might be using. It might be worth putting a support post on there to see whether the plugin behavior is normal or not. I didn't notice anything on the forums on either to suggest that this is a bug, but then again, I'm not 100% sure which plugin you're using on your site.

    If the plugin is not supported by Multisite that might be the problem. :slight_smile:

    Let me know if you manage to sort it out with the creator(s) of the plugin.

    Have a good weekend and look forward to receive your feedback.


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