.current-menu-item class not being added to custom menu links


It seems search engines are loaded up with this question but no answers found.

All menu items in Wordpress get a class called .current-menu-item added to them when they are clicked on

However, this fails to happen if the menu item is 'custom'

As a result, I have no way to easily highlight my links when a page is clicked on.

For instance this doesn't work if the link is a custom one.

background:orange !important;

NOTE: Manually creating 'if' statements that coincide with menu headings like this ( http://www.titeurl.com/current-menu-item-hack ) is not a solution as we are creating custom menu links as a way of easily passing variables to pages and will be doing this for many of our clients within our multi-site environment. We don't want a manually compare page titles

I image this can actually be considered a 'bug' within Wordpress and am hoping the group knows about it and has a workaround / fix for it.

I have attached two images. Backend and Front end to help you get your head around it.

What sayeth the group ?

Jay Lepore