Custom admin Bar not working on main site when logged in as a user

hi there,

I’m experiencing a weird issue. I have Ultimate Branding for my multisite network. I’m utilizing the admin bar module and it works great for the most part. I just noticed that there is an odd issue going on. Let me see if I can explain this correctly.

So when I’m logged in as Super Admin my admin bar is exactly how it’s supposed to be all across my network. However, when I’m logged in as a user (an admin account for a single sub-site), I’m seeing a different admin bar on my main site front end only. So for example, when I’m logged in as a user, the admin bar looks the way it should on the sub-site (both front and back end) that the user belongs to. However, when I navigate to the front end of my main site (while logged in as a user), the admin bar is missing some of the changes I created.

I’m not sure if this is because of the new update that went out today for Ultimate Branding. I did the update today, and then noticed the error shortly after. So it very well may be the cause of the update.

Any suggestions?

  • timstrifler

    Okay so I have some more info for you regarding the admin and Ultimate Branding.

    It appears that the admin bar changes that I've done in Ultimate Branding don't show up on sites unless the user is specifically a user on that site. For example, my main account is a super admin. For my main site, and my subsites that I'm specifically a user of, the admin bar looks the way it should with the changes I've done in Ultimate Branding. However, if I (using my super admin account) navigate to one of my customers accounts (which I'm not specifically a user of) then I don't see the admin bar changes that are performed in Ultimate Branding.

    Here's another example:
    My customers see the changes performed in Ultimate Branding on the admin bar when they are on their own site only. But if they are on my main site (or any other site on my network that they are not a user of) then they don't see the changes to the admin bar that I performed in Ultimate Branding.

    Can this be fixed ASAP?

    Before yesterday's update to Ultimate Branding with the new features, this was never an issue. Before this update, my users would see a Universal (network wide) admin bar, regardless if they were a user on the site.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @timstrifler,

    We released an update the other day that may help with this, could you please try updating, and seeing if that helps?

    Should you still have issues though, could you please enable Support Access to your site, so that we can have a closer look at how you've got things set up here? :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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