Custom Ajax filter for WP_Query


I have setup a custom post type called "Artists", which has taxonomy "Styles" and ACF custom field "Booker". Setup with CPTUI, ACF and JS Composer works perfect.

Artists page is not a default archive page, but a multi-section scrolling homepage.
The query is loaded twice on the page, first as a grid, second as a list. When clicking on the view toggle button it loads the correct Div with WP_Query…

But now the final step before finishing the website is adding a front-end filter on the "Artists" WP_Query. Filtering on Styles and Booker. Best case would be an Ajax filter, so that page doesn't reload and the items in the query update.

It's really the last thing to fix for this website, and it is really annoying because I have put a lot of hours into trying to fix it with plugins and tutorials, but can't get it working.