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Here in czech not many ppl using paypals. Can someone suggest where to hardcode or where to change it easy way to do checkouts without paypal last step but just instead of it it will show the page with bank account information and/or creditcard option ?

Many Thanks for any advice on this

  • digitsoft
    • The Crimson Coder

    There are 2 options I'm aware of:
    1. Create your own payment gateway
    - do it yourself (look at /marketpress/marketpress-includes/plugins-gateway)
    - or hire someone:
    This would require creating the payment gateway and also integrating it into the MP flow.

    2. Use the built-in manual option: Store Settings/Payments/Manual

    FYI - there's a new version of MP coming out (no...there's no release date), so I'd wait unless it's a must have for now

  • MiloHlav
    • New Recruit


    Finally found the manual button. Problem is that if I click manual option there is no confirmation at the end of checkout so MP will not add it in manage orders tab as finalized order.
    Any hint where to edit manual final confirmation page to enter bank account details and final confirmation button ?

  • MiloHlav
    • New Recruit

    Hello I will look intoi for credit card payments but here in czech ppl are more used to pay through wire transfer directly to bank accounts.
    So what is my aim to in final step just tell ppl our bank account details to let them pay by themselfs...

    Just at the end in manual method there is no confirm button the page will go into dead end and also if I will look into manage orders there is still no order at all so cannot even see that some1 tried to buy something through that manual method.

    Is there anything else I am missig to setup manual method correctly to have some confirmation button at the end ?

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    I was just testing this on my install and it seems to work as expected. I can check out and confirm the order.

    Can you confirm which version you are using please?


    Admin --> Products --> Settings --> Payments

    All of the options are set and correct right?

    Have you tested in the default Twenty Eleven theme? Have you tested with all other plugins disabled to ensure there are no conflicts causing this?


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