Custom CHeckout Page for Pro SItes

Im wanting to use a page on my site that looks like this: for my checkout page. Is that possible?

If so, how would I go about doing that?

Like wise, can I charge a “setup fee” as shown in the image with pro sites?

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Pro Sites does create a standard page with a list of plans and prices on.

    You can find this in your:

    Admin –> Network Admin –> Pro Sites –> Settings

    When the plugin is first installed it creates a page based on the brand name. You can see a link to edit that page.

    To create a new page you must delete (not just trash) the whole page, then go back to settings and save that page. It will then create a new page based upon the information in that Brand field.

    You will then have a page like the one in my first post screenshot. You can style it as you like with CSS. You will also have a row per level.

    Hope this helps.

  • JJS
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    I trashed out the page, saved it, it generated another page. When I go to edit the page, there isn’t any html code.

    When I hit view page it takes me to

    Then when I click the blue link it takes me to the REAL membership page but with this URL:

    How can I edit the real membership page. Add text columns and compare my services with others on different rows?

    I found but I don’t know how to incorporate that with what’s already available.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    This would be a custom job so you’ll need to hire a developer to do this for you. I know Aaron is looking to make some changes here so would be worth keeping an eye out for any changes.

    As the thread is 8 months old I’m going to close this again. If you do need some further guidance then please feel free to open a new thread.


  • HitchB
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    I have absolutely the same concern. For the business I’m setting up I need one single row showing the 3 levels of membership. NO annual or every 3 months pricing only monthly.AND a look that match the site,brand and services we want to offer.

    I’m really disappointed with the Pro Site plugin. At first it looks like a rock start plugin until the final step. We need to hire a developer to set up a simple pricing table?

    How can this plugin can really help us if we cannot present a solution to our customers that is attractive and with a strong visual appeal before they decide to make a purchase?

    Why don’t you create an easy way to customize the pricing table just like every plugin we could find here:

    Frankly speaking, you can design an outstanding website with call to action buttons and strong visual appeal ,when the client come to the pricing default table he will leave the site.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    We need to hire a developer to set up a simple pricing table?

    No the simple pricing table is there, you only need to hire a developer if you want to do something custom which the plugin isn’t designed nor advertised to do.

    Why don’t you create an easy way to customize the pricing table just like every plugin we could find here:

    Aaron is looking to change how the pricing table works to have it on signup, I believe he’s also looking to design options as well.

    Tom and another member did release a pricing table addon:

    perhaps that might get you what you need without the need to hire another developer.

    To ensure we don’t miss your post next time, please open a new thread.


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