custom checkout url using prosites and pretty plugins

How can I create a working situation in which all checkout urls point to my whmcs install? I use Prosites and Pretty plugin.
Previously opened a ticket last year but haven't been able to obtain a solution and no one has commented on it in about a month now. If possible @Jose should come in as he has previously worked on something similar previously ( Unfortunately, the codes provided did not work for me.

Please kindly assist with working codes/instructions.

Many thanks.

  • kate

    Hi @Sajid,

    Thanks for the response. I would appreciate @Jose joining this thread. However, of utmost importance to me is a solution.
    This issue was reported months ago and no solution has been found. I only recreated a new post because I wanted a change - a solution - a completion.

    I would appreciate useful contributions from any quarters. It would be great if this issue can be escalated with monitoring also done to ensure that the problem is solved.

    Many thanks.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kate,

    Had a look at your old thread, but was hoping we could just get a quick summary here. So all upgrade links from both within Pro Sites itself and Pretty Plugins are still going to the Pro Sites checkout instead of WHMCS?

    By the way, I noticed this at the end of your last thread:

    If i will use pro sites on it own, can i use paypal and Stripe together, so the customers have a choice?

    Pro Sites 3.5+ actually supports multiple gateway options at checkout now :slight_smile:

    I am thinking you are probably already committed to WHMCS at this point though - just wanted to make sure I mentioned that.

    Look forward to hearing back!

    All the best,

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