Custom Content Dashboard with Dashboard Widget Order


How do I use the Dashboard Widget Order with the Custom Content Dashboard Widget? I would like the Custom Content widget to be in the right column.

I've tried this:

$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_quick_press';
$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'custom_content_dashboard_widget';
$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_recent_drafts';
$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_primary';
$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_secondary';

I've also tried these:

$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'custom_content_dashboard';

$dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'My Content Title';

It still shows up in the left column.

Chuck S.