Custom CSS settings in Upfront child theme "Spirit"

Dear support team,

great theme, we use the child theme "Spirit" of Upfront theme.

Basically we installed the theme - at our localhost - and the most preferences work's fine.

After the successfull installation at our localhost, we decide to move and change the theme to a new domain and server path. So, after copying the database all files was still same, so that means - the files has no changes.

So we tried to edit some custom lines in the editing mode and sadly it confused us a bit.

So the editing mode show us the whole custom CSS, after editing and saving some beautiful and correctly custom codes we've lost all custom code which we didn't modify right now.

After refreshing the page we lost all custom codes that we already scripted at our localhost

- the code editor can only handle the new custom codes, that we scripted right now.

Question or Idea

Is it possible that the theme "variables" will change in touch of custom preferences in server structure / path, domain name or maybe in some other preferences in the option table of WordPress databases (keyword: "fingerpringting")?

Thank you very much for helping,

Kindly regards,

Jean Pierre Kolb