custom data for multisites

so i am making a multisites website, where businesses in my niche can sign up and get their own websites. i also already have a database of information on those businesses on my other website/server.
what would be the best way for me to link that info, so that if a company e.g. "ace bakery" signs up on my multisite, they can enter their "bakery id" somewhere (during registration or whenever) and then their multisite can fetch that specific info from my website, not just as a one-off but periodically update it.
would this be good for a widget? if so, do you know if there is something already existing that i can use or modify fairly easily? coding is not a problem but i'd rather not reinvent the wheel so to speak.
thank you!

  • Ash

    Hello Oliver

    I don't think that would be very easy, in fact, there is no such plugin. You have to develop it custom. If you are familiar with coding, then I may help you with some algorithm. You can have a separate page where you can have a form. In the form user will submit the bakery ID. Then you have to connect third party database server to fetch the information and store in a table in your current database. In the profile page show information from your table. This way, it will not need to connect third party server for every request. You can also create a cron job to update your table periodically.

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    Hope it helps! Have a nice day :slight_smile:


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