Custom Database Search - Can it be done?

I'm looking for some help or direction for a project I need to have done.

Im using wpmu as a cms tool. I need to create a custom search box on the homepage that will search certain categories for keywords over the blog network to pull in relevant posts to that search criteria.

(Keyword + zip code + 30 mile radius)example

I would also need to add a advanced search page if someone gets to many search results.

My blog authors will be writing posts, but they wont ad the right tags all the time or some may not even bother.

I know there is the plug-in called search everything, but I'm not sure if that this is the answer to my problem.

Id like to know if this can be done, and how to go about it. Id thought I would start here before asking around on the other forums and and

  • carlitoescobar

    Heya shnooka31,

    I have used Advance WP Query Search Filter to be able to search any and everything in my DB made available via my posts. It supports custom post types. I have also had great success using it in combination with GEO my WordPress to do proximity searches like your suggesting.

    For the most part its self explanatory once you look into the plugins. You may have to dig in a bit but both plugs are pretty well documented and look good under the hood. I used them to power a surgeon finder that sat on top of a custom post type and contained custom taxonomies, custom meta data (dr. addresses, specialties, hospitals, etc.) as well as common categories and tags. Advanced WPQSF is pretty robust.

    Let me know if you need any help once you check them out and i'll be glad to do what I can.

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