Custom DNS for Domain Mapping?

Any-chance there are plans for some Custom DNS Options like offer:


And maybe Domain name integration like WHMCS

  • wpcdn
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    Hi Timothy,

    I think these things are already possible, just not integrated with WordPress multisite.

    As I understand these features on, if you choose their domain mapping feature, you point your domain to their name servers. Thus, they gain control of your A records, MX records, etc., because their name servers are now handling your domain. (I might be mistaken about this, but it looks that way.)

    For those of us running our own multisite installations, if a user maps a domain to us, only the A record changes. The user retains control over everything else. So, the user actually already has that "extra" that is offering -- the ability to point the web domain to a WordPress site, e-mail to an existing e-mail provider, etc.

    So, in our cases, we're not taking away control over MX (or anything else) and then giving it back to the user. The user maintains control over their domain, and just points the A to us.

    This brings up an interesting point though. You could theoretically do it the same way as by having people handle domain mapping differently. Instead of pointing the A record to a multisite installation, they'd change their nameservers to yours. Then you'd manage the domain records, which would give you the opportunity to offer custom DNS. But it seems that those custom DNS options would be offered by taking away that control from the client (by having them point to your namesevers) and then giving it back.

    Just a few thoughts...


  • Timothy Bowers
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    Yeah they are already possible, we give full DNS access to clients who order domains with us. We give them access through cPanel simple and advanced DNS if hosting is taken. This method of course requires them to have cPanel access. Or they can manage their DNS with us on a DNS server which carries our brand (if only domains are purchased, this happens automatically).

    So if they purchase their domain names elsewhere and change the NamesServers to point to us it requires us to manually create a cPanel account so they can edit the DNS. I'd rather avoid the manual part and because the mapping to a site is free I'd rather not hand out cPanel accounts for free. This is not the advised way either, it is usually A record or CNAME,

    A records are great until you have to move your servers which can happen and then you have to rely on your clients changing IP addresses, if they don't realise, don't get the mail or something happens where their IP is not changed regardless they will blame their provider first, ie you. Whereas if they pointed their NS to you, you can do everything in the background without them even worrying about a thing if you do need to change IPs. from what I see does this, they get the clients to point their name servers to them. They then allow their clients to edit MX records and everything from within the WP admin. I would like to see a similar solution to what do. :slight_smile:

  • Mason
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    Hiya guys,

    Just chiming in to say we're looking at an overhaul of our domain mapping plugin to include several new features and compatibility.

    I've notified the DEVS to take a look here as well. Thanks, as always, for your feedback and suggestions!

  • anyahmonroe
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    Hello, Please allow me to piggyback in on this conversation. I am running a MultiSite and I am interested in allowing my supporter members to use the domain mapping feature. Will I need a dedicated server hosting to do this?

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • wpcdn
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    I am interested in allowing my supporter members to use the domain mapping feature. Will I need a dedicated server hosting to do this?

    No, domain mapping doesn't require any particular server configuration other than a dedicated IP for the WordPress installation.

    However, your server selection would depend on the anticipated size and traffic of your multisite network.


  • Mason
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    Hiya Mark,

    Can't give an ETA, but it's a priority for us - promise!

    We aim for this to include a bunch of enhancements and such - but as always the best tool is the one that's available to you today. If you have a project that requires it now, we aren't able to deliver just yet.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful than that. Thanks again!

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