Custom Domain acting strange


A user has a custom domain pointed at their sub domain on my wpmu.

When the custom domain url is entered into the browser it works except some of the images are missing. Before we added the custom domain they were fine.

Also, in my site admin panel, on the list of blogs, it shows the custom domain name where the sub domain used to be and does not have anything under custom domain.

It will let me go to edit that blog but will not let me into the backend. It send me to the main page of my wpmu. I went into edit and it no longer had me as a user on the site. So I added myself in again and it still won't let me in to the backend but shows me as a user in edit.

I am at dreamhost and they said to set it up so that the custom domain cloaks the subdomain. The custom domain started at

My wpmu is and the custom domain is
The sub domain was

Thanks for all of your help!