Custom Domain Mapping - Unable to figure it out

I am having some issues in getting my custom mapped domain to appear. I'm hosting my multisite on WPEngine, have the custom domain registered through Google Domains, and the name servers pointed to CloudFlare. So here are my below settings for the setup.

CloudFlare nameservers:
Domain mapping:
DNS in CloudFlare: - mind you, this CNAME is setup under my main domain

So in essence, I'm trying to map '' to ''

I'm lost and need some direction please. I have another custom domain to setup tomorrow, so I'm hoping to resolve this ASAP.

If you need additional information, I'll be happy to provide.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Matt,

    Let me give you summarized idea about how Domain Mapping works. First you need to have a dedicated IP for your server and it should point to your main site if anyone enters the IP in browser. For example, your dedicated IP is "" and your main site is "". So your server has to be set up in such a way that when anyone enter "" in the browser, it will open "".

    Now suppose, you have a subdomain "" and you purchased a domain (lets say So you should create an A record in "" DNS Settings pointing to your dedicated IP, so when someone goes to "", they are pointed to "" and it will eventually open "".

    Now if you map your domain, it will work. Because when you will go to "", it will take you to "", and as the domain is mapped, "" already knows which subsite to server as the request came from "".

    Procedure is almost same if you are using Cloudflare. In that case, you add Cloudflare nameservers in your Domain Control Panel DNS, and then set the A record in "Cloudflare DNS Settings".

    Do I need to set the A record to point to IP?

    Main question is does your server have dedicated IP - if you insert IP address in browser, will it open your main site?

    If you have dedicated IP, then yes, you have to add A record.

    kind regards,

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