Custom feature request for Membership 2 Pro account page

I would like to have a feature in Membership 2 Pro account page. So, a member can see all of the content links on what they have the access. Any workaround would be appreciated.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello DigitalEdison

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There's currently no such information given in the member account page and there's a solid reason for this. Let me first explain a bit more how the plugin and protection works :slight_smile:

    Assuming that you already have Membership 2 Pro installed and fully configured and there are active memberships and members, there are two things that are not happening when you set protection (let's say for posts but that applies to everything protected):

    - the protected post is not added to any list of posts protected by this membership
    - the protected post is not added to any list of posts available to users that are members of that membership.

    Instead, it's the other way around - it's the membership ID that's assigned to the post that you are protecting.

    This means that there's no "per user" or "per membership" list of available content. When a user opens any post or page on your site, this process (simplified explanation but gives the idea) happens:

    - plugin checks if the post/page is protected or not
    - if not - nothing else happens and it's displayed
    - if it is, plugin checks what membership is assigned to it
    - then checks what membership is viewing user assigned to
    - compares these two
    - and if there's a match, content is displayed and if not, user is given a Protected Content message (or redirected to Protected Content) page.

    Taking that into account, creating such a feature would mean that each time the user visits an account page, the plugin would have to

    - check current membership(s) of member (that's fine, it already does that)
    - then scan through all the content of the site - all posts and pages etc - to find out which ones are available for that membership

    That would be very resource-intensive process and, depending on the site's size, it would take long and could even slow down the site significantly (or even break it in some cases).

    The remedy for that could be to do such scan only once (or even in background) and then just store such list in some user meta data. But this also has its downsides: not only it would make the database size significantly bigger but also such scan would have to be performed each time any change is made to the protection rules or user membership.

    This alone would make it really complex custom development task and finding ways to overcome those limitations/issues would make it even more complicated. I'm afraid such kind and amount of custom coding would be outside the scope of this support forum. If you need such solution urgently, please consider hiring a developer who could create it for you. A good place to start could be service and you can also grab a nice discount for it form our Partners page here:

    However, we've already put that under our developers attention so they'd consider possible ways to achieve such or very similar feature and see if they could implement it in one of the future versions of the plugin. I'm not able to give you any promises or ETA on this but I believe that if there's a way to deal with the things that I described above, they'll consider adding it in future.

    Best regards,

  • DigitalEdison
    • New Recruit

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for the thorough reply and helpful information regarding the plugin functionality. One follow up question - what is the typical, or intended, process of those utilizing memberships? For example - say an admin registers a user and assigns them - does the admin send them the direct link to the content they've given them access to? Or how does the assigned member know where that content is? Thanks again!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi DigitalEdison

    For example - say an admin registers a user and assigns them - does the admin send them the direct link to the content they've given them access to? Or how does the assigned member know where that content is?

    In most cases it works like this: a user - a visitor (so not logged in user) or a user (so logged in; either a member of some membership or "just a user") - visits your site. Once they reach specific content then if this content is protected then

    - if it's protected with a membership they are members of (so they should be able to access it) nothing happens and they just see the content

    - if it's protected content but a given visitor doesn't have rights to see it, there's either a protection message or a redirect to "Protected Content" page, where they can sign up for a necessary membership.

    Of course you can edit both "Protected Content" page and protection message to provide member with additional explanation.

    There's, however, no "automated" messages of "what is an what is not accessible" so that's something that you may want to enlist "manually" e.g. on registration/memberships page, on member's "account" page or in e-mail notifications in the Membership 2 Pro settings. While your initial question was about some sort of "automated way" to list such resources, currently that'd be more of "marketing" rather than "tech" things as there's no such feature. So, personally, I'd rather go for some sort of a "sales/marketing copy" rather than a list, something in line "Hey, signup here to get exclusive access to our "members-only" content" :slight_smile: I'm not a marketing expert so I'm sorry if this is not quite reasonable message but I believe you catch my idea :wink:

    Best regards,

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