Custom field Registration, SMS and MailChimp

Hey there,
I was hoping you could give me some suggestions, on what services to subscribe to and plugins to use; to achieve the functionality I'm looking for.

I've nearly finished a wordpress site for a client but, they're looking for a couple other services to include with it. Being SMS notification and Email Newsletter.

Foremost, I want to be able to make a custom field registration that includes the option to include a mobile number. This is to notify members when on-the-spot openings come up at the business and they need to be filled fast. I've been looking at Twilio for that service, but how do I get the number from the custom field to Twilio, automatically? Then forward a bulk message.

Secondly, the client occasionally has special-offers where a unique product will come up and they want to send a weekly newsletter out to their clients that opt-in for that service. I have been looking at optinMonster but, I noticed after I purchased a membership, that their templates don't include mobile fields.

I understand the concept of pushing the user opt-in to mailchimp, but how do I integrate the custom registration fields (preferably with an account page to allow the user to opt-in/opt-out of SMS and newsletter updates), pushing mailing list to mailchimp and pushing sms list to Twilio?


Any suggestions will be welcomed and appreciated.
I'm originally a web developer, for front and back end. But new to Wordpress.
So I feel a little out of water and little in control, when it comes to Wordpress.

I have the X theme, Agency installed on the site. As well as WPMU Dev Dashboard.

  • Rupok

    Hi SixTsevN, hope you had a wonderful day.

    Well, you have quite a few queries. Lemme describe them one by one.

    I want to be able to make a custom field registration that includes the option to include a mobile number

    You can create front-end registration with our Membership 2 Pro plugin. And then use Cimy User Extra Fields plugin to add your custom fields in your registration form. You can include Phone Number as a custom field.

    Then you can get your user custom field data with the following function:
    $value = get_cimyFieldValue($user_id, $field_name, [$field_value]);

    Then you can use theme numbers in Twilio. However, I'm not sure how you can import your numbers automatically in Twilio because it's a third party service and I've no access in their coding architecture. Their support team can give you best idea regarding this.

    they want to send a weekly newsletter out to their clients that opt-in for that service

    Can you use our E-Newsletter plugin?

    In brief, for sending SMS, you need to talk to your SMS provider regarding their API but for sending newsletters, you don't need to grab custom field value because email address is a core profile field. And we already have a Mailchimp Integration plugin available from us.

    Please let us know if you have any confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • SixTsevN

    For other Wpmu Dev members that stumble across this thread, looking for answers. I'll list the process I went through to get e-Newsletter working with gmail's very tight SMTP security.

    Gmail Authorisation-
    What I came up with while configuring e-Newsletter is, if you're going to use the SMTP (recommended) with Gmail, you need to download a support plugin called "Gmail SMTP". The reason is, gmail has a very secure authorisation protocol called OAuth2. You need to configure your gmail account, through an API generated by google, to allow connection to your wordpress site, via e-Newsletter.

    Config Tutorial-
    Follow this tutorial on how to setup your gmail API and configure Gmail SMTP:

    Disable SMTP-
    Once you've done that. Configure e-Newsletter to use WP Mail.
    You may be wondering.. "didn't you recommend SMTP and isn't WP Mail going to be blocked by most email services' SPAM filters?". You would be correct on all accounts. But what Gmail SMTP does is change the default functionality of wp_mail(), to use SMTP. You can see this when you create a newsletter in e-Newsletter. So in e-Newsletter's settings, under "Outgoing Email Settings", select WP Mail and not SMTP or PHP.

    To test if WP Mail is using SMTP:
    Create a new newsletter and clear the from-email field. Then send the preview of the newsletter to your email account. In your email inbox, the newly received email will show the from data of the gmail account linked through Gmail SMTP.

    I hope this helps you overcome any problems before you run into them; when configuring e-Newsletter with gmail SMTP.

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