custom field suite not working

I have taken over a wordpress site that uses custom field suite to add specific types of pages and data via the dashboard. (it pinned the custom post type "locations" to the dashboard allowing the user to add locations without worrying about layout.) I am unable to get my custom post types to show in the dashboard like locations. I have also mimicked all the settings as laid out in the way locations has been set up yet my custom field won't show. What am i missing?

I have also created a new template containing the new fields and uploaded it to the site's theme, but it does not show in the list of templates.

I have followed various sets of directions to similar plugins to no avail. This plugin baffles me.

Your plugin looks much better, how do I go about switching without breaking the site?

Am I going to have to edit tables in the database or just start over in the process.

  • Patrick

    Hi @kevin

    Welcome to the forums!

    There may be a bit of confusion here, Custom fields are not post types. They are data entry fields that can be added to any post type that you specify with the tool used to create them, of in the code you write to create them.

    The "Locations" you refer to is a custom post type that you can add custom fields to. That post type was perhaps coded manually or created via another plugin.

    I have never used that particular plugin, but from what I gather in the docs and the screenshots, you simply define the post type where you want your custom fields to be available in the Placement Rules section of the plugin.

    However, our CustomPress plugin enables you to do both; create custom post types and custom fields.

    The only surefire way to know whether removing the other plugin would break your custom fields (doubtful) is to deactivate it and check around your site.

    If the fields are still there, and they should be, then you should be OK to install CustomPress. With any luck, it will also recognize existing fields & post types and allow you to edit them... no guarantee on that though :slight_smile:

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