Custom Fields and Featured Images

Hey all,

I am getting down the nitty gritty on this site and very excited about these last few features.

This question is about the custom field maps and the featured images.

The featured images add-on takes maps generated using the [map] shortcode and looks for a featured image and uses that image in place of the default set in the google maps plugins options. The issue I seek to resolve is that the maps that are generated using the custom fields do not look for the featured images.

Perhaps I am wrong, but the maps do not have assigned marker demonstrated here: you may need to zoom out to see the map marker in Washington DC, USA.

To demonstrate the markers working properly you can see the same event with the custom marker here in the mashup: The mashup recognizes the featured image.

I have some work to do on my end to get the featured images assigned on the post_create hook, but I was thinking that perhaps I would tap into another hook withing the map create in the custom fields to make the marker appear in the individual post maps.

I'm going to poke around a bit before I start scripting the add_action, but wanted to put this in front of you guys to see if your dev had any comments.

Thank you, as always,